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What People Are Saying

Thanks for the lesson today. You have inspired me to practice".

Satisfied Guitar Pupil

Hi Vernon

Finally had a chance to listen to the cd yesterday. I loaded it onto my ipod and managed to listen to it at various times during the day. It brought calm into an otherwise messy and traumatic day. Well done, your voice sounds excellent.

A Happy Customer

" a refeshing change...." " you were absolutely fantastic, we really enjoyed the cool soul thing you got going, you definitely gave the songs something from yourself...."

A Fan From Lichfield

"Thanks for the CD - it's great - I hope you sell shed loads"

An Afro Blue Fan

"I've been last Saturday in the gig of Twin frets in Namtwich in the museum and I really liked. I'm Brazilian and I loved how you sang 'The Girl from Ipanema'. 

Renata - Music Fan

"Hi Vernon

Just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for last night at La Casa Caterina.

Another fantastic "Twin Frets" gig"

Manager - La Casa

"You did a fantastic job and we have had texts from so many people to say how much they enjoyed you, so thanks so much once again for a wonderful performance and I hope we can repeat it some time. Thanks also for the donations from your CD's which is very much appreciated by us both. I am sure we will come and hear you play somewhere again  soon, but until then thanks once again for doing such a fantastic job."

Charity Event Feedback

Dear Vernon,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for allowing me the pleasure of listening to you play at the Nantwich jazz festival, plans for Erdigg are already underway and I can't wait to come and hear you again. I have been singing now since I could talk, but never felt comfortable with chart songs and pop stuff.  lt was only when I heard you, I realised what it was I wanted to sing! (at the ripe age of 27 hah!)

Event Goer

Hey Vernon, just wanted to drop you a line or two to say thanks for a spectacular two days of music  tuition. Since Wednesday and Thursdays sessions, ive not stopped playing, when ever ive got a spare moment i just pick up the old guitar and play through the music you kindly gave us, (autumn leaves now becoming a  favourite, after a great performance from your self).

The sessions opened my  eyes to a whole new style of playing, ive tried bits and pieces in the past,  usually just in my bedroom etc, but nothing like what we practised, it was  really good to see yourself perform, and with this i can probably speak for  the rest of the group, by saying that you were an inspiration, and a  fantastic musician. You asked if it would be possible for some feed-back  of the two day workshop, in my personal opinion, everything you did in one way or another really helped myself and the others progress and musicians, from the bombard of numerous sheets to the solo and rhythm work we did. As i  have previously said the performance by your self also helped a great deal, showing us what can be achieved.

When you spoke about being younger and you mum continuously saying how you playing guitar, wouldn't last, and it was  just another phase you were going through, i personally can relate to this and have heard that line so many times, but it has just made me want to play more, ive never been one for the theory side or music, ive played gigs and spoke to people afterwards about it and when i say i cant read music, theyre usually quite surprised, but i think maybe it is time to begin to learn.  When you talked about how music is just another language, i could totally agree, when i play music i play because i want to, and because i enjoy it, i  don't want to sit down for hours in a class room and read from books about  how to read music, and within the short space of time when we worked on how  to read music in your workshop, i think i learnt more than i did in my five years or music classes at high school, mainly because we was in a different  environment and applying practical work with theory.

I found this to be a  great way of learning, and to getting to know new people. Overall i think the two day workshop was a great success, i learnt a whole load of new  tricks and tips to help me progress, and most of all i had fun whilst doing  so, i just want to say thanks again for everything you did for us as a group, i hope we can stay in touch, and maybe if you are in the area next  year, another workshop could possible be organised. Any way all the best to you, you're a great guy, and a credit to all musicians, i will keep a close  eye on your website for upcoming gigs, and maybe ill see you some time soon.

Thanks for everything!

Ian - Jazz Workshops

I'm not too sure if you remember me but i used to have lessons from you for about a year, finishing around 0ctober 2006. I just thought I'd let you know how i've been getting on with the guitar ever since.

Since leaving, i feel as if i have progressed through advanced techniques, such as pinch harmonics, alternative picking, and guitar tapping, (although i still need more practice on my sweep picking if i'm to be honest!) I started Manchester University last September and i've formed a new band with a few friends from my halls. We're still trying to find our sound but our style is more indie/britpop. I play lead guitar, whilst my friends play bass, drums (backing vocals) and ryhthm guitar (lead vocals), and

even though we all come up with little guitar riffs, chord changes and lyrics, i would have to say i was the main contributor in terms of songwriting.

We played our first gig in the student's union, in a gig which consisted of our own material and 1 cover song (oasis, champagne supernova), and currently trying to organise gigs in the near future at the Venue and the Ritz nightclubs in Manchester City Centre. Casting my mind back to Christmas 2005, the time where i received my first cheap electric guitar by my older brother, it is unreal that i have managed to come so far (with a lot of practice though!) I still thankyou for giving me the encouragement, and yet enjoyment towards learning the essential basics of the guitar, for example "Each finger must own a fret!" Or the F5 power chord, used in smell's like teen spirit by Nirvana.

University life is going well, there's a lot of work to be done but so far it's been a really enjoyable experience! Although, i unfortunately did get mugged the other week by a group of local lads, but i'm fine. You know what they say however,a bad experience to write about could potentially lead to a great song

Dalvir - Ex-Pupil